Day: January 3, 2024


VIP Notice – Wilmington, DE

Notice Number: NOTC3349 Notice: Expect VIP movement January 05-08, 2024 in the vicinity of Wilmington, DE. Pilots can expect temporary airspace restrictions in conjunction with this VIP movement.   The FAA recommends that all aircraft operators check NOTAMs OFTEN for temporary airspace restrictions prior to operations within this region. Specific instructions and restrictions are available […]

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The Great Story

The Accidental Intrusion

In the 1980s, a 10-year-old named David inadvertently breached a government network, leading to a life of secrecy and intense cybersecurity training. His exceptional skills made him a national asset, but also drew dangerous attention. Navigating college and a seemingly ordinary job, David became a vital player in national security, shaping a life of sacrifice, secrecy, and immense responsibility.

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