Avoid damaging your iPhone’s battery

iPhone Battery Indicator

It’s possible what you’re doing can be harming your iPhone’s battery life and you don’t even know it. You can prolong your battery’s life by following these few little tips and tricks. With batteries being as advanced as they are you need to treat them right to get the most of them. Does anyone remember Tamagotchi? Think of your battery as one of those little handheld digital pets that need your love and care to keep them alive.

Heat is the enemy

The temperature of your iPhone’s battery is very important. Too much heat or cold can result in shorter usage times. Keep in mind that anything over 95 degrees can damage your battery and it can be irreversible. You can overheat your phone by leaving it screen-side up in the sun or charging it in the sun. The iPhone does have an internal protection system that will shut your phone down to help lower the chances of damage but it’s best that you try to avoid it if possible.


For best battery health you should recharge your iPhone regularly so you never fall to 0%. Dropping your iPhone down to 0% can be very damaging to the overall life of your battery. In the past, it was good to drop it all the way down but now with the modern batteries, this is no longer the case.


While most of us use these devices every day it would be hard to think of any need for long-term storage however if you are going to leave your phone stored for a long period of time you don’t want to leave the battery at 100%. The recommended range is between 50%-80%. You also want to check back with it to make sure it hasn’t been completely discharged.