QR Codes – The next wave of scamming

As QR Codes become more and more popular it’s only a matter of time before scammers get the bright idea to use them.

QR Codes are quick and easy ways to link you to websites, send SMS text messages, dial phone numbers, etc… Just like in the phishing emails you get every day this is a quick and easy way for malicious actors to get you to their site.

For instance, this QR Gets you to this article:

Scan Me

That in itself isn’t a problem, but what if a scammer wanted to capture your information with a site that looks authentic but isn’t. Just like a phishing email.

Now scan the QR Code:

Scan Me

What did that one do? It opened your SMS App and even pre-populated a text message. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, doing this has now given your cell phone number to the receiver of that text message, and do you really know who is on the other side? (In this instance us, but you get the point).

I think you get the point, but this one sends an email.

Scan Me

So as with everything else, education is key. Not all QR Codes will get you in trouble, but it’s just another tool scammers can use and it’s another easy thing for you to watch out for.