What’s new in iOS 13.1 Beta 1

As we posted before on our blog Apple surprised us with the release of iOS 13.1 Beta 1. Apple has never before released a point updated for an unreleased software update (I looked, they really haven’t).

This update brought back some features that were dropped from iOS 13 and a few new items.

  • Shortcut Automations – in iOS 13 these were removed. You can create personal and home automation from the Shortcuts app, truly a great feature and glad to see it back.
  • Shared ETA – this has also returned to the Maps app allowing users to share their ETA with friends and family. Great for stopping the nagging spouse from “When will you be home?”.
  • AirPods Volume Indicator – Now when adjusting the volume with your iPhone when AirPods are connected you will see the AirPods icon in the volume bar. Works for Powerbeats Pro and HomePod as well.
  • New HomeKit Icons – HomeKit devices in the Home app have been updated.
  • TestFlight Indicator – Apps that have been installed via Apple’s TestFlight app now has a bright yellow dot next to them.
  • Mouse Support Improvements – It is now possible to map the right-click function to the mouse as a 3D touch/long-press.

I’m sure other features will forthcoming as the beta’s progress.