Apple releases the first developer beta of iOS 13.1 – Is it 13.1 or 13 BETA 9?

Today Apple has released another developer beta however it is showing as 13.1 instead of the expected 13 Beta 9 thus suggesting that the beta testing for iOS 13 has ended and we are on to 13.1.

As usual Apple’s public beta should follow in the coming days and we should prepare for the release of iOS 13 to the general public.

Also released was iPad OS 13.1 and WatchOS 13 Beta 9.

WatchOS Beta 9 Update Available


So it is the release of iOS 13.1 BETA. What this means we aren’t sure. Usually, the beta of the next version drops after the release of the full version is public but slap me thrice and hand me to my momma.